A fresh perspective on the stages of building a SaaS business

About the Searching For SaaS Podcast

A fresh perspective on the stages of building a software as a service (SaaS) business.

In this podcast we hear from Josh Ho and Nate Bosscher, two founders in very different stages of their SaaS journey.

Josh is in the company building phase. While Nate struggles to start a profitable SaaS of his own.

Follow their journey as Josh helps Nate find his footing and they meander the world of SaaS.

Meet the hosts

Nate Bosscher

Nate is a software engineer and entrepreneur. When he isn’t consulting at Blue Giraffe, he’s working on his next startup idea.

He’s had a lot of failed attempts but each attempt is closer and closer to success.

Josh Ho

Josh is the founder of Referral Rock a SaaS business in the marketing technology space.

He’s an engineer by trade but now spends his time wherever the business needs him most.

He sometimes blogs at mojoho, but aspires to write more. You can also find him on LinkedIn but mostly Twitter.

Recent episodes with our SaaS founders

EP61: Would we buy any of these SaaS businesses?

Searching For SaaS Podcast
Searching For SaaS Podcast
EP61: Would we buy any of these SaaS businesses?

Today, Josh and Nate look through 3 SaaS listings – would they buy them and turn them around or take a pass?

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EP60: Josh’s Unconventional Personal Knowledge Base

Searching For SaaS Podcast
Searching For SaaS Podcast
EP60: Josh's Unconventional Personal Knowledge Base

Today Josh shares his methods for continued education and his how he keeps track of his ideas and learnings.

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EP59: Reprioritizing Nate’s Goals

Searching For SaaS Podcast
Searching For SaaS Podcast
EP59: Reprioritizing Nate's Goals

Nate has goals for his saas, but he keeps discovering new requirements he has but didn’t realize. Today we dig into those requirements and how to prioritize them with the existing goals.

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EP58: Can’t we just solve deep tech problems?

Searching For SaaS Podcast
Searching For SaaS Podcast
EP58: Can't we just solve deep tech problems?

Nate seems to been in his happy place with technical challenges, how can we use this to help him create a business out of it?

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Why we started our SaaS podcast

Starting a SaaS business isn’t easy, but it’s definitely more fun with a friend to help you along the way. Since they launched this podcast in early 2021, the most downloaded episode is Episode 4 – Why, why why? Why start this podcast, Why SaaS, Why not other types of businesses?.

Josh and Nate are avid podcast listeners who listen and learn from the best SaaS podcasts and SaaS entrepreneurs such as:

  • The Official Saastr Podcast by Jason Lemkin
  • SaaS Breakthrough
  • Nathan Latka
  • Dan Martell
  • The Saas Revolution Show by Alex Theuma of SaaStock
  • Saas Startup podcast
  • The Saas Podcast by Omer Khan of SaaS Club
  • Startup Chat by Hiten Shah and Steli Efti

But they truly drew inspiration from the the Software Social Podcast where their friends Colleen and Michele have created a fantastic dynamic between two SaaS founders at different stages of their business. 

Legend has it that Josh say’s this exact quote to Nate: “What do you think about starting a podcast? I’ll be Michele, you can be Colleen”.

What types of SaaS business topics are covered?

So far they’ve learned a lot about how they each approach ideation, market validation, and the mentality of building assets. They plan on covering more SaaS topics in the future like MRR, ARR, churn, onboarding, customer success, bootstrapping, co-founders, SaaS product, B2B SaaS, growth hacking, entrepreneurship, SaaS marketing, case studies, content marketing, SEO, growth strategies, being a serial entrepreneur, and marketing strategies.  All with both actionable advice and actionable insights.

While both Nate and Josh are bootstrapped, this startup chat style podcast is not exclusively about bootstrapping.

Both Nate and Josh agree that the process of sharing our journey’s as in public as SaaS founders has been both rewarding and fun. Nate approaches this whole process with a beginner’s mindset, yet he’s far from a beginner. While Josh tries to stay open-minded and is careful not to give blanket advice.

Join the guys each week for new episodes wherever you listen to podcasts. (and yes there maybe some SaaS but mostly just josh-splaining)